Warren Verboom

we call him:






now living in:


canyoneer since:






Mümliswil CH


Locarno CH





your background?





your favorite trick?



your favorite canyon?



 why do you like canyoning?




what's your goal?

I grew up with skateboarding and snowboarding, then ski jumping and later skydiving and BASE jumping.

I've always loved to jump off or over something! Unfortunately I don't have a cliff-diving or artistic gymnastics background, which definitely would help a lot.


Looks like it's the "superman" jump because I do it often. But for sure I like any trick into a slide the most! Even better, "jump to slide to jump"!


Well there are many nice canyons and every one of them has something unique.

What makes it good for me is the combination of lots of jumps, slides and high rappels!


On one hand it's like a huge playground for adults - just having a good time goofing around with friends.

On the other hand it can be so extreme. Exactly perfect for me!


To take canyoning to a new level!

But first and foremost having never-ending fun with my buddies. That's how we will take canyoning to it's full potential as an "Extremesport"!