Marco Bersnak

we call him:






now living in:


canyoneer since:




Hergiswil NW CH

Baden AG CH


your background?




your favorite trick?


why do you like canyoning?



what's your goal?

I started doing Free Running by myself at the age of 12. When I was arround 14 I had a long break (I didn't really do sports for like three years). I started again after I met some cool guys. We built up a crew called PaxSkills and our main section is X-Diving/Splashdiving.


I like flip and twist combinations like Full-Full Backflip or Full-Half Frontflip.


I don't want to join something existing, I want to do something original, I love nature a lot and it's a way to expand my limits (I'm scared of heights, no joke).


Improving and to never lose sports.