Adrian Wigert

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Rickenbach CH


Rotkreuz CH





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what's your goal?

As a little kid, i always liked to climb up or jump off objects. At the age of 4 I started Race BMX and participated in several competitions for young kids. After an accident I stopped riding BMX and switched over to Skateboarding for 2 years. In 2013 I started X-Diving with a local friend and soon got in contact with the X-Diving team ‘Paxskills’. I got the opportunity to join their team after a couple trainings with them. From there on, my life started to become amazing.


My Favourite trick used to be the ‘Sideflip’ in different variations. Within time, I started to get more intrested in Flip-Twist combinations like Rudi-out.


Canyoning is a great combination of Parkour/Freerunning and X-Diving. You start to know where your mental and physical limits are and start to learn how to control yourself in different situations. I used to be afraid of heights but with sports like these, I learnt how to deal with that.


My goal is to improve myself constantly and learn new things.